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Everything You Want To Know About Depression

Everything You Want To Know About Depression

Depression is a Mental state or mood disorder that leads to a persistent feeling of loss of interest or sadness.

The state of depression may also be called a major depressive order or clinical depression when it affects your feelings, thinking, and behavior, which might lead to a state of emotional and physical problems.

In this state, you may feel trouble performing your everyday activities while some may also feel as if life is not worth living anymore.

Depression Facts

  • Depression is more common among women than men around the globe
  • General symptoms include lack of interest, joy or anything that used to bring happiness to the person
  • Certain events like bereavement cause mood swings that can usually be different from features and symptoms of depression
  • The causes of depreciation are not fully understood, but they are more likely to be a complex combination of biological, genetic, environmental, and psychosocial
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