Day: July 3, 2022

Colorado continues innovative approach to reducing health care costs – State of Reform

Colorado became the first state in the country to have a state-designed health care insurance option for its residents approved by CMS last Thursday.

Approval of the Colorado Option through the federal 1332 waiver now means the state can proceed with rate setting for its standardized health insurance plan, which is mandated to be sold at lower prices and should be finalized by summer’s end to take effect in 2023, culminating a decade’s worth of health policy efforts aimed at reducing health care costs.


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Those efforts include the state’s reinsurance program, which was extended for an additional 5 years last year and spreads risk across the health insurance market to help insurers pay expensive claims, and the Hospital Provider Fee that supports hospitals serving Medicaid and uninsured patients.

The Division of

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On Nutrition: Deadhead damaging health habits | Lifestyle

The rich array of daisies in my garden are now spent and faded, not nearly as fresh and vibrant as they were in the spring. So I decided to teach my grandkids how to remove (aka “deadhead”) the dried-up flowers to help direct the plant’s energy toward making new blooms.

“This is very satisfying,” my maturing 10 year-old granddaughter remarked as we removed used-up flowers to make room for new growth. “Actually … it’s really fun!”

Later, as we admired our work, I found an article on plants that reminded me of some “deadheading” I may need in my own life. Pardon the questionable analogies, but perhaps you can identify.

Periodically remove old blooms that sap strength and energy. The last thing I need is to hang on to “old blooms.” That means I need to know the right techniques to rid my body of unhealthy growth. For example,

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Jennifer Garner and Tons of Shoppers Love These Sneakers

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While Garner’s actual moves in Tuesday’s post are hard to take your eyes off of, the bright orange sneakers that help her effortlessly execute too many box jumps to count caught our attention. And luckily for us, they’re still in stock. 

The Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 sneakers are designed for all types of workouts. You can perform HIIT and cross-training moves in them, as Garner displayed, or go for a long walk, a hike, or jog. The high-quality cushioning and endurance-driven technology that went into these makes them perfect for just about any kind of workout or movement, and the breathable mesh and anti-slip laces provide comfort and security, too. 

And if electric orange isn’t quite your thing, they come in five other

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