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P90X’s Tony Horton Shared the Workout Tips He Uses to Stay Shredded

Almost 20 years after becoming a household name by telling P90X users to “bring it,” Tony Horton is still bringing it. The 64-year old lifts three days per week, does yoga on Saturdays, and spends the rest of the week out in his “yard”—climbing ropes, working on parallel bars, doing sprints, and training on his at-home ninja training course.

“Yesterday, we were out there for four hours, and I was able to do pretty well with the youngsters,” he says. “One of the things we did was up and down the 20-foot rope twice, timed. So you go all the way up, come down all the way, then hit it a second time. My buddy Scott did it in 14 seconds, Mine was 19.”

Even with six days of training, Horton finds time to work on his program, The Power of 4, design and appear in workouts for

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