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A Healthy Lifestyle Can Increase Breast Cancer Survival

A Healthy Lifestyle Can Increase Breast Cancer Survival

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Your diet during your breast cancer journey plays a big role in how you feel and how your body responds to a possible recurrence. By eating well and staying active, you’ll not only feel better, but you can also increase the chances of survival.

Breast Cancer And Your Diet

Diet alone is neither the cure nor the cause of cancer, but recent studies have shown that diet could be linked to 30 to 40 percent of all cancers. The best way to reduce the risk of breast cancer or recurring cancer is thought to be a healthy diet and exercise.

Rich Nutrients

Fueling your body with nutritional foods gives everyone increased energy and improved quality of life overall, that follows true in breast cancer diagnoses as well. For those who have been diagnosed or survived breast cancer, eating well can help overcome treatment side effects, such as anemia or fatigue.

Some healthy diet choices you may want to consider:

  • Avoid sugary and processed food
  • Add in more fruits and veggies and avoid sugar-filled carbs
  • Limit or avoid alcohol
  • Increase the amount of fiber in your diet

The American Institute for Cancer Research has found links from high-fiber diets, diets high nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables, and low-carb diets to breast cancer survival rates.

Get And Stay Physically Active

Among breast cancer survivors, there’s a consistent link between physical activity and an overall lower risk of breast cancer coming back. Physical activity has also been linked to improvements in quality of life, physical functioning, and fewer fatigue symptoms overall.

In the past, breast cancer survivors with lymphedema were often advised to avoid certain arm exercises and vigorous activities. But studies have found that such physical activity is safe when done the right way. In fact, it might actually lower the risk of lymphedema, or improve lymphedema for women who already have it.

As with other types of lifestyle changes, it’s important to talk with your treatment team before starting a new physical activity program. Your team can help you plan a safe and effective program.

Support Through it All

Pretty in Pink Boutique is committed to supporting those with breast cancer and their loved ones through the entire journey. If you are looking for a compassionate ear that will listen or if you have questions, please reach out. We are committed to your well-being the whole way through and may be able to assist or provide resources to help you.

Please contact us via phone or email us and let us know how we can help. Call (615) 777-PINK.

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