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Regan Grimes Utilizes Electric Stimulation Therapy for a Chest and Biceps Workout

Regan Grimes’ rise in Men’s Open bodybuilding has been impressive during his short time competing in the IFBB Pro League. He is relatively young with his 29th birthday on June 26, 2022, and his dramatic transformation from amateur to pro has garnered a lot of attention. Grimes shared more of his off-season growth efforts on June 29, 2022 — he has been utilizing Neubie electrical stimulation therapy through Neufit with the help of bodybuilder Andy Velcich.

Grimes plans to improve his overall conditioning and add “at least” 10 pounds of mass to his physique in the coming months for the 2022 Olympia on Dec. 15-18, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV.

We are doing progressive overload. Each week we go a little heavier [to] add more mass to the chest.

Check out the full video below, where Grimes was 25 weeks out from the 2022 Olympia, courtesy of the JayCutlerTV YouTube channel:

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The Neubie sends electrical impulses through the skin to nerves in tissue to activate muscle contractions and sensory impulses. These impulses mimic the action potentials from the peripheral and central nervous systems, which is how they communicate to other parts of the body.

The impulses then communicate with sensory and motor neurons to activate contracting and sensory-based muscle fibers, stimulating muscle, tissue, and nerve activation. This increases blood flow to these areas, resulting in better muscle stimulation and more efficient recovery.

Regan Grimes Chest Workout

The video shows Grimes’ fourth time using the Neubie technology. He’s implemented it once per week for a month at the time of the video’s publication. Grimes was led by Velcich for a back and biceps workout afterward. The most important thing in Velcich’s view regarding the use of electric stimulation is to maintain Grimes’ joint health, particularly his shoulder and elbow joints throughout Grimes’ Olympia prep.

Grimes hooks up to the Neubie pads by playing two on each of his upper pecs, one on each of his middle pecs, and one on each lower pec — eight pads total.

Pec Deck Flyes & Incline Barbell Press

Grimes performed two sets of 16 repetitions with 220 pounds on the pec deck for a pre-exhaust warm-up, Velvich assisted for an additional two repetitions in each set.

I don’t tell him the reps, I just want him to feel it!

Grimes leaned forward slightly for more emphasis on the lower pecs. He continued his warm-up with 225 pounds on the incline bench press before two working sets of 315 pounds for 10 repetitions each.

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Flat Hammer Strength Press

Velcich called for Grimes to perform the flat Hammer Strength press as the last chest exercise of the workout starting with a single 35-pound weight plate and three 45-pound plates on each side for a set of seven. Grimes goes progressively deeper with each rep thanks, in part, to the stimulation provided by the electric stimulation.

It’s getting meatier for sure!

On the second set, Grimes backed off to a single 35-pound plate and two 45-pound plates on each side for a set of 14 repetitions. Velcich removed a 45-pound plate from each side and Grimes performed another eight reps.

Superset: Barbell Curl & Dumbbell Curls 

After Velcich moved the Neubie pads from Grimes’ chest to his biceps, they move over to barbell curls. Grimes performs two sets of 80 pounds with a shoulder-width grip for 10 repetitions before moving to standing dumbbell curls for 12 repetitions with 25-pound dumbbells.

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Standing Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls 

Velcich adjusts Grimes’ Neubie pads again onto Grimes’ forearms before finishing off the workout with dumbbell hammer curls for one set with 40 pounds for 12 repetitions. They bumped up the weight to 50 pounds for 12 repetitions with a surprise drop-set to 30 pounds for 10 more reps.

None of the other Men’s Open competitors who have earned their qualification for the 2022 Olympia have shared if they use electric stimulation therapy similarly to how Velcich is with Grimes. We’ll see if its the difference maker that enables Grimes to climb towards the top half of the standings at the 2022 Olympia in December.

Featured image: @regangrimes on Instagram