Why one should see a sexologist

Why one should see a sexologist

A few years back it was a big taboo to go and pay a visit to a sexologist but at present it has become normalised. Back then people used to feel uncomfortable while sharing intimate details about their partners and about their sex life. But now they have become much liberal on these issues.

So, sexologists in Mubai have seen a sudden growth of clients and patients in their chambers who are not longer afraid to discuss their problems but are eager to solve them so that they can enjoy their intimate moments with their partners.

According to medical science a proper sex life has a very strong link to the emotional, physical and psychological health of an individual and it also determines the happiness of a relationship or a conjugal life to a larger extent. To some people this is a very exciting part of a relationship which can give immense pleasure and contentment to both the partners. To many, it is a source of confidence and a pillar of strength to carry a good relationship.

But there are also many people who face a lot of problems in this. They struggle from failed relationships and also they fail to enjoy any kind of sexual acts. This happens because human relationships are very complex and having physical relationships is an indispensable part of it. So it is very important to understand and deal with the sexual issues with a lot of sensitivity. So a proper sexologist can help both the partners to explore all the causes and then try to solve the problems.

There can be a lot of physiological and psychological reasons that can cause issues around sex. They can be very much treated with a proper medical intervention and some proper counselling as well.

  • If the size of a penis in a male is a great matter of concern then one should know that it can definitely shook a man’s confidence and can make him nervous and anxious about their performance in a sexual activity. So here, the doctor can advice some hormonal treatments and some prescribed drugs so that the patient who is suffering from it can overcome the confidence issue.
  • There can be also some issues regarding the lose erection or the inability to hold the erection. This can also cause some severe stress issues in men. But this is actually curable in most cases. A proper sexologist can always help the patient to go back to their normal sex life.
  • Many female partners feel a lot of discomfort during or after the intercourse. They can feel pain during the time of intercourse and as a result the experience can become very traumatic. This can also lead to infections, dryness and ulcers. But treatment is also available and one should immediately see an expert rather than suffering in silence.
  • There can also be loss of interest in sec which can become an obstacle in a conjugal life. One needs to overcome that as well.

These are the few issues that can be very easily dealt with a sexologist.

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