The Partner Mountain Climber Challenge Workout Trains Your Core

The mountain climber can be a surprisingly effective exercise (just look at how 30 days of mountain climbers can totally transform your body). And doing a few sets with a friend or workout buddy a few times a week? You'll definitely fire up all your muscles and boost your training capacity, to boot. For this tutorial, Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. and Women's Health editor-in-chief Liz Plosser had a lot of fun while torching their core muscles (and plenty of calories) in NYC’s Central Park for their latest training video.

“My entire core was engaged, my brain was engaged, our hands were engaged. It was awesome and super challenging,” says Plosser.

Samuel, meanwhile, notes that this may be the hardest move in the history of the “Liz and Ebvideo series. “And the challenge is you have to find the way to keep your hips and shoulders square to the ground and your only source of stability is the other person so there’s a lot of trust involved in it and finding just the right spacing,” he says, adding that his obliques were on fire from the intense move.

Plosser has some guidance for anyone looking to add the move to their workout. Focus on preventing your butt from hiking up in the air by keeping your hips stable and engaging your core to keep your back flat. “Every muscle in my body was working on this one,” she adds.

"Start in a pushup position and learn to trust your partner—keep your shoulders and hips level there," suggests Samuel. "And then slowly start to march and take your time."

Once you have control of the motion, gradually pick up speed as you march with your partner. Try to do 3 sets for about 30 seconds each. Watch the video above to see how the pair put these guidelines into action.

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