6 Trampoline Exercises for Weight Loss

6 Trampoline Exercises for Weight Loss

6 Trampoline Exercises for Weight Loss

Ever jumped on a trampoline ever
since you became an adult? It is fun, isn’t it? So many of us classify
trampoline jumping to be a kid’s activity. But it is not! Working out on a
trampoline is an effective way to lose all those extra pounds and fats. Jump away,
and you’ll shape and tone your body in no time.

Many exercises, some of which are
performed with trampoline accessories, strengthen organs, improve blood
circulation levels and elevate your heart rate
You stay in constant motion when on the trampoline, which increases your
endurance levels and helps you get rid of stubborn fat.  And by the way, all this jumping and moving
your arms and legs add excitement to an otherwise dull workout. Pair up with a
friend or maybe your partner, and it would be even more fun!

So which exercises are the best to
perform on an 8ft trampoline and would you need any trampoline accessories with
it? Here are some of our favourite trampoline exercises that increase your adrenaline, elevate your
mood and make you feel so much better after the workout.

The Warm Up -
Bouncing and Stretching

Stretches are essential before and
after the workout as they prevent potential injuries. How do you do this on a
trampoline? Stretch both arms out together and bounce on an 8ft trampoline.
Initially begin by stretching your arms at the side and then take them upwards
in the air. Perform 5 to 8 reps and then try touching your toes.

Now get off the trampoline, and
use it as a supportive prop. Lie down on the ground and stretch your legs up as
high as you can. Now bring them down on the trampoline and then lift them in
the air again. Repeat.

Ensure that your legs are straight
throughout and don’t stop or rest in between.

1. Basic Jogging

Probably the simplest exercise to perform on 8 ft trampoline. Get on it and begin jogging.
Start slowly and then increase your pace after 3 to 4 minutes. When jogging, move your arms upwards and
downwards in sync with your legs. This improves the effectiveness of the
workout. Jog for another 3 minutes at a faster pace and then take a 1 minute
rest in between.  Then jog for another 3
minutes and rest. Repeat one more time.

2. Basic Bouncing

Basic bouncing is an exercise for
the newbies. Get on the trampoline and bounce your heart out! You burn calories
and reduce those pounds. When bouncing, reach as high as you can. Do 30 reps
and then take a short rest of 10 seconds. Perform 30 more bounces, and then
rest again.

3. Bounce Paired with Kicks

Great, so you’ve completed your
bouncing. You’ll now be bouncing again, but this time, you’ll be adding kicks
in between. Lift your right leg and kick as you bounce on the 8ft trampoline.
Now lift your left leg and kick again while bouncing. Continue lifting
alternate legs for at least 8 reps.

A point to note here is that this
exercise is hard and may exhaust you – so if you feel short of breath or tired,
do stop and try again the next day. But once you get the hang of this one,
you’ll increase your strength and flexibility and also burn plenty of calories.

4. Jumping Jack Bounces

Let’s spice things up a bit.
Jumping jack is a simple exercise, but when you do this on an 8ft trampoline,
it can be challenging. Get on the trampoline and perform jumping jacks you
normally do. Be sure that you stay in the middle throughout the workout. 

Jump for 30 times, and then take a
20 second break before you jump again.

5. Push-Ups

Lie down with your stomach on the
trampoline’s surface and legs extended. Now place your hands and raise yourself
upwards, engaging the core. Your body should be parallel to the surface. Bend
the elbows and lower your upper body towards the surface, but don’t let them
touch the surface. Raise your body again, and repeat.

6. Oblique Twists

Sit on the middle of the
trampoline such that your knees are bent and hands are placed on the side of
your body. Now lean backwards until you feel pressure in the core. Raise your
feet from the surface such that they form a V with your body. Remain in this
position and twist your torso to the right with your hands tapping on the right
side. Now twist all the way to the left, tapping your hands on the left side.
Continue this for at least 45 to 60 seconds.

The Cool Down

Great, so you are done exercising.
Time to cool down. Walk slowly on the trampoline until your heart rate returns
to normal. Do this for 5 minutes at least.

So there it is— a
complete workout on an 8 ft trampoline. Try it out and let us know if you
enjoyed it or not!

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