Replacements for your favorite guilty pleasures

Replacements for your favorite guilty pleasures

The holiday mood is full of temptation, especially when it comes to foods and drinks at big parties and celebrations! The holidays can be a time of high calorie counts from processed junk foods and sugary drinks, but if you’re deliberate about the choices you make, you could avoid foods that lead to weight gain!

Read on to learn about some delicious alternatives to unhealthy foods that you can take advantage of during the holiday season.

Try homemade veggie fries instead of French fries

Top on the list of America’s favorite fast food is likely French fries. They’re salty and greasy and perfect for indulging, but they also come with a load of calories. When the mood for fries strikes, try making your own using healthy and guilt-free ingredients! For example, sweet potato fries are just as delicious and are healthier than greasy French fries.

Love brownies? Choose healthier ingredients

Whether it’s avocado brownies, gingerbread brownies, or brownies made with fudge, try to use more wholesome, nourishing ingredients and avoid high-calories. Pair it with a cup of sugar-free sweet tea for an even sweeter treat!

How about homemade sorbet instead of ice cream?

There are times you just need something cold and sweet, and ice cream is typically the perfect treat. Try alternatives to ice cream that are packed with nutrients and low in calories, but retain the perfect flavor. A homemade sorbet is easy to make and hits the spot. Try a watermelon or raspberry sorbet, guilt-free sweet treats that are rich and fruity replacements to high-calorie ice cream.

Try homemade bars instead of candy bars

Homemade bars are a perfect alternative to the tasty and chewy candy bars that are packed with calories. When you’re making your homemade bars, add some beneficial ingredients like nuts and dates that’ll satisfy your appetite when you have a craving.

 Swap the sugary drinks for zero-calorie options

For most people, holiday celebrations are not complete without high-calorie drinks like sodas and juices, which are often not beneficial to your health. Instead of indulging in these drinks, try something sugar-free, like Southern Breeze Sweet Tea, which has zero calories and is super refreshing! Craving something sweet, but not unhealthy? Try having a glass of sugar-free Southern Breeze Sweet Tea during or between meals to satisfy your sweet tooth! Replace sodas and juice with healthier sweet tea recipes.

Try spaghetti squash pizza boats

The mention of pizza may make you hungry, but there is a better option for your appetite! Try making pizza with spaghetti squash instead of high-carb crust. It’s a low-calorie option that’s healthy and delicious!

You don’t have to be bound by calorie-stuffed junk foods during the holidays, or any other time of year. There are alternatives that can satisfy your appetite and are just as delicious. Try out these options or anything else that’s lower in calories and better for the waistline and have a healthy holiday!

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