Amp up Your Competitive Edge This Season

Amp up Your Competitive Edge This Season

If you are an adult who is in generally good health and who exercises regularly, you may be looking for a way to take your body to the next level in the upcoming season. When you stretch your body to new limits, you not only gain strength and endurance, but you also mentally strengthen yourself as you realize what you are truly capable of when you commit to something. Consider one of these four options for improving your mind and body while having fun and competing against others.

Attend a Sports Training or Boot Camp

A camp can improve your focus on one area of fitness and get you involved with others who have the same mindset as you. For example, you may be interested in a swimming camp where you can do everything from perfecting your time to practicing freestyle stroke drills. Boot camps are held all over the world and can include everything from hiking and weight loss to Pilates and yoga.

Train for a Marathon

If you are at least somewhat in shape, a marathon may be right for you. Today, you can find numerous training programs that are designed for non-runners to allow them to get in shape in time for the big day. Many of the largest and most tourist-friendly cities around the world host marathons, allowing you to combine competition with pleasure. If you are not up for a whole marathon, consider a half marathon.

Train for a Triathlon

If you have already attacked a marathon, your next step may be a triathlon. Triathlons include running, biking and swimming and test your body from all directions.

Take Part in a Mud Run

Mud runs are incredibly fun to do with friends. However, keep in mind that they are still physically difficult events that require great strength and stamina to get through the mud. Plenty of physical training will be required for this competition.

There are boot camps, sports camps and races held all over the world nearly any time of the year. Whether you are looking for a swimming camp near your home or a yoga boot camp in the Caribbean for your next holiday, your choices are only a few clicks away online. These competitive options are great for your body and mind and can also help you socially as you meet others with similar interests.

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