4 Top Bath Remedies for Anal Itching Conditions

4 Top Bath Remedies for Anal Itching Conditions

Anal itching has become rife today, and most people suffer in silence and decide to seek medical attention when it is already too late. The problem, however, is that a myriad of health issues can cause anal itching. It can therefore be challenging to pinpoint the exact cause since anal itching is considered a universal symptom of these conditions.

Despite this, it is critical that one take care of themselves to control anal itching. While some people will turn to diet and look for some pruritus ani cure online, few ignore the benefits of bathing as a remedy. Bathing sessions offer an opportunity to both soothe and treat an itching anus. This article highlights some of the super remedies you should include in your bath if you are suffering from anal itching.


Well known for its super anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties, oatmeal offers great soothing relief to anal itching. It is no wonder constipating patients are advised to take it for breakfast.

It may however not occur to most people that oatmeal can be an excellent natural remedy when added to the bath. To make an oatmeal bath, add two glassfuls of oatmeal to your warm bath and wait for it to soak. Take a bath in it for about 20 minutes. If you do this twice a day, the anal itching should disappear within no time. Remember, you can also use raw oat flour if you don’t have ready-made oatmeal.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is another highly effective anti-fungal and anti-bacteria home remedy when used during bathing. Due to its myriad of health benefits, it is usually the first the first ingredient people turn to when faced with bacterial and fungal infections.

ACV works well to relieve extreme anal itching especially when added directly to a warm bath. All you need to do is pour about one and a half cups of the ingredient to your warm bath then sit in the solution for at least 30 minutes.

Lemon Grass

You may not know it but you may this miracle herb in your backyard. As the name suggests, lemongrass smells just like lemon fruit, and to the layperson, indicating that it has similar antioxidants as the lemon.

Packed with phosphorus, calcium, and manganese, lemongrass is exceptional at fighting off factors that cause anal skin infections and consequent anal itching. Add a couple of bunches of lemongrass your bath water every morning and evening. In addition to treating anal itching, lemongrass bath will prevent flaking of skin around the anal area thus preventing excessive friction, especially during the summer.


Since time immemorial, heartleaf has been the go-to natural bath remedies for anal itching. If the cause of your anal itching is hemorrhoids, then you may want to try heart leaf as a remedy.  One way to use it is by rubbing the plant itself directly to the itch. You will, however, get the most impact if you use it in the bath.

Unlike other remedies where you add the ingredient to the bath water, you will need to boil/cook the heart leaf separately first then add the boiled water to your bath. Sit in it until when the itch disappears. A heart leaf bath is so effective that you only have to use it not more than four times a week.

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