Thin Men Want to Have Muscles? Follow Our Tips

Thin Men Want to Have Muscles? Follow Our Tips

Many men assume that masculinity lies in the curve of the muscles in the body. But for men who have a thin body, this is difficult to obtain because of the potential body is far from the posture of the athletes. However, lean men can have large muscles and posture. According to a fitness trainer and nutritionist, Ben Greenfield, skinny men actually have the advantage because his body has a low-fat content naturally. This is an advantage, considering their muscles will look more attractive than the muscles of a large person. In order for a thin man to look more muscular and contained, here are the ways and tips.

More Often Weights

For those who are thin, do weight training with a common period to train the chest and back at the first time. In the next stage, continue by doing bicep and tricep exercises, followed by the feet and the center of the body. In the first exercise, the weightlifting muscle definitely feels pain and pain because the muscle fibers break and it takes time to recover. No need to worry, with enough rest will restore your muscle back .n that order.

Need a Partner

Most skinny people are not strong. Lifting heavy weights so that old muscles are formed. Therefore, they need a personal trainer or a friend to exercise in the gym that will help for the formation of muscles. For heavy loads, choose lighter ones with more frequent repetitions. This method is more effective than you choose heavy load and repetition less frequently.

Combination of Exercise

The combination advice of this exercise should not be misinterpreted. The point is, you keep practicing the same exercises every week for three to five weeks. However, you should use different types of strategies as long as you intend to grow your muscles.

Eating Meat

Meat is a fiber of muscles that are rich in fats, proteins, and hormone-formers that will help your muscles grow faster. You should also consume 500 – 1000 extra calories daily to boost your metabolism. The high volume of food and protein will increase testosterone. In addition to beef, other food recommendations are eggs and seafood.

Increase the Intensity of Eating

Exercise can burn carbohydrates quickly in the body, so it takes at least 300-600 calories of carbohydrate two to three hours before doing the exercises. Good carbohydrates can be consumed by potatoes, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and brown rice

Practicing. Especially thin men, indeed they have to eat a lot. They are required to eat before practice and after practicing up to four to five additional meals. It does seem like a lot of eating, but this is what a thin man needs to build his muscles.


You do get the intake of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the food you eat. However, in order for your body to stay in shape while you are training muscles, you need a supplement. Supplements such as Anavar and Winstrol. Consumption of supplements can help you in building muscle.

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