The Solution to Boring Eyes Syndrome

The Solution to Boring Eyes Syndrome

Zenni Optical is probably one of the most convenient and affordable ways to stay on top of trends when it comes to your glasses.


The convenience is aided by a wide selection of styles. It could be daunting at first, but with various ways to search, it is so easy to find what you are looking for: by style, by fit, by size, by color, by tint, by gender, by prescription, by material or by price.

You are even able to upload a selfie to determine how a particular frame will fit your face with their “try on” feature. You can toggle between styles of frames on your face or a model’s face to compare between future purchases quickly. Each pair of glasses has a detailed description and a 360-degree view. So, no surprises when they arrive. Once you enter your prescription and PD (pupillary distance), it is ridiculously easy to order multiple pairs of glasses. The website even has a video dictating how to find your¬†pupillary distance. Once you make an account, your prescription is saved for later. It is also easy to update. The prescriptions are filled quickly and with great accuracy. Their website really takes the mysticism out of ordering glasses online.


The beauty in these frames is not only in their quality but also in their affordability. I don’t have only one pair of great shoes to wear every day. No matter how much I like my red pumps, there will be a time and a place for them. But the high price on eyewear has always limited me to have the one pair. Commitment is great and all, but maybe not so much for my glasses. I like ordering from Zenni Optical just to try out some new trends or maybe some “bolder frames” on which I couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars. Their selection is consistently growing to keep you up-to-date with the current trends. The price tag makes it easy to experiment! They have some prescription glasses for as low as $6.95. Insane, I know. I have a gorgeous pair of neon green cat-eye frames for special occasions. Sometimes, I can use my glasses to compliment my lipstick for the day. That being said, it is still easy to find good quality, everyday, durable, professional eyewear. Especially with these¬†deals, it is extremely affordable to be brave with your frames.


When it comes to the changing seasons, versatility becomes critical. In addition to their extensive sunglasses collection, you can also change the tints of the clear lenses to add to your sunglasses wardrobe. Most of the frames have this option. They offer clear, grey, amber, yellow, green, pink, purple, and blue tints at varying grades. There are even some sports-inspired frames available. Apart from the tints, the thickness of the frames is customizable depending on your prescription and chosen frames.

It makes it so easy to accessorize my face in an unexpected way.

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