The Path To Finding Better Shirts

The Path To Finding Better Shirts

The Proper Way of Purchasing Genuine Vintage Tees

You’re lucky to stumble to this article if you are searching for vintage tees. In the next paragraphs, you will discover serious tips that will help you find genuine vintage tees.

Tip number 1. You must have a good feel of the texture of the clothing as this can help a lot in separating the authentic to fake ones. Have a great feel of the fabric because it can give you telltale signs whether the shirt is real vintage or not. Modern t-shirts are thicker when compared to those made in the 70s and 80s.

Tip number 2. Vintage tee collectors are looking for thin fabric that’s made from 50 percent polyester and 50 percent cotton. As a matter of fact, they consider this as the holy grail when it comes to its softness and suits well on the body. Apart from the fact that 50/50 shirt has high probability of being vintage, the trend for 100 percent cotton garments didn’t really kicked off until the 90s.

Tip number 3. Try looking for new graphics on old shirts. The reason is that, there are retailers that buy plain vintage tees, screen printing the band logos and then, marketing it to people as authentic. The wear on t-shirt must match the wear on its design and at the same time, don’t be bothered about fadeaways as it is totally normal.

Tip number 4. You want the band tee to look like it’s gone through 10 or 20 years of partying whenever possible. When you are shopping for vintage concert t-shirts, you shouldn’t be turned off by things such as the tiny rips, loose necklines, cut-off sleeves or paint splatters because these are all the small details that designers would want to replicate.

Tip number 5. Sizing is completely different from the past and today’s time. In other words, it will be a totally different dimension from the 70s to present day. So if you are in search for this particular t-shirt, better ask the seller to give it a try first. If you are buying from an online store on the other hand, then you better ask for the specific measurement of the t-shirt and don’t just depend on the label.

Tip number 6. The t-shirt may be selling for 300 dollars in a popular vintage boutique shop but there is a chance that you can get it for half the price in other shops. As a result, you should allot time shopping around different online stores to see what they offer.

If you want vintage tees and like to ensure that it is authentic, then don’t regret these tips.

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