How To Stream MLB Games Online

How To Stream MLB Games Online

In an ideal world, one could put off everything else and enjoy your favorite sports and activities. However, the reality is crueler than that. Often, fans find themselves dividing their time between work and other responsibilities and watching their favorite games. That is especially so for fans of Major League Baseball, which has been ongoing since March. Luckily, the internet offers you the convenience of watching the games anywhere and at any time, which should solve the problem. Unfortunately, due to content blackouts, streaming the games online might prove impossible at times. This article addresses the issue of content blackouts and offers solutions to MLB fans.

Are you running into content blackouts?

As mentioned, streaming the games offers the convenience you need. The amount of content, quality, and pricing depend on where you choose to stream the games from. Some of the streaming services that provide access to 2018 MLB games include DirecTV Now, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV. Each of these presents its own offers and conditions. However, the most common condition across the board is that these services are unavailable to most places outside the US. That means that it is impossible to gain access to the streaming services unless you are in a country that is unaffected by the geo-restrictions.

While this is not an issue for MLB fans within the US, it presents a problem for those that aren’t. Although some countries provide access to some of these streaming services such as Canada, the majority of countries don’t. Additionally, you might find that the content differs depending on the region. As such, even though you might have access to the streaming services, you might find it impossible to access the MLB games if they are not offered in your region.

There are of course US fans that think, so what? So long as you are in the US you have no problem, right? Well, what if you find yourself in a position where you have to travel outside the US? The lack of accessibility to these streaming services affects traveling fans as well. Therefore, the question is how to solve the problem of content blackouts?

How to bypass content blackouts

All you have to do to bypass content blackouts is to find a way to fool the streaming services into thinking you are accessing the content from the US when you aren’t. Proxies and VPNs are the best solutions when looking to bypass geo-restrictions and avoid content blackouts. Both of these cybersecurity tools allow the user to connect to a US server, providing access to content that would otherwise be unavailable outside the US. Understanding how proxies and VPNs work should help when choosing between the two. A VPN is the best solution for the following reasons:

  • A VPN is device-based while a proxy is browser-based. With a VPN, the IP-address assigned to your device is changed, which means that all your apps and services gain access to the server. Additionally, a VPN provides multi-platform access so you can install it on different devices. On the other hand, a proxy only changes the IP of the browser, so the streaming services are only accessible through the browser, which is ineffective for app-based streaming services such as PlayStation Vue.
  • A proxy requires manual configuration, meaning that you have to know the proxy server you intend to connect to. Most proxy servers offer open access so anyone with the address can connect to the server. This affects the speed and security of the connection and ultimately, the streaming experience. With a VPN, only subscribers have access and server configuration is automatic. More importantly, a VPN offers the best security and privacy since all content is encrypted.

Follow the following instructions to use a VPN to watch MLB games online:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN – highly recommended.
  2. Connect to a US server.
  3. Visit the streaming service of choice and sign up.
  4. Download and install an app where necessary.
  5. Enjoy the MLB games!

The Takeaway

Due to the heavy encryption, VPNs are known to slow down the internet connection, which could lead to lagging in the live stream. The ideal VPN should be fast, highly secure and offer plenty of server locations. Neither the security nor the speed of connection should be a point of compromise.

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