How to get rid of herpes with natural herbs

How to get rid of herpes with natural herbs

There are several ways in which you can either get rid of herpes or control herpes outbreaks. As we talked about in the last post on our website the herpes simplex virus is basically the same for both types, so the following method will be helpful regardless of which herpes type you are suffering from.

When it comes to getting rid of herpes or any other condition for that matter a great place to start looking is herbs. And there is a very good reason for that, which I will explain.

You see herbs have been used throughout history as medicine long before drugs were available. It amuses me when I hear people refer to using herbs to get rid of herpes or any other illness as nothing but old wives tales or new age rubbish. If that’s how you see the use of herbs as treatments, well then this post will probably not do it for you. But just before you dismiss the use of herbs as a potential herpes treatment let me just remind you that most of today’s expensive medication is based on the chemical compounds of these herbs, just in a synthesized version.Get rid of herpes using herbs:

The use of herbs has proven to be one of the most important natural treatments known to man for thousands of years and it is still one of the most effective means through which you can get rid of the herpes or at least stop herpes outbreaks. There are a number of easily available options for you in this regard, some of which can easily be found in your kitchen. Let’s take a look at a couple of them right now.


This is a natural antibacterial substance and it has been used for so many years to treat not just herpes, but so many other infections too. The antifungal nature of garlic is one of the reasons why it has been a success in the treatment of herpes for so many years. Besides that, there are so many sulfur compounds that are found in garlic, and it is these that are usually used by so many pharmaceutical companies in the world to come up with drugs (Drugs which they make a nice profit from).Goldenseal

This is another of the simplest yet most effective herbal options that you can use to get rid of herpes. Plus of course you don’t get the smell with goldenseal.

Both of these herbs are perfect for treating herpes. They can both be used topically and taken orally. Personally I would consider taking them orally because they both contain natural anti-viral properties which If taken regularly will help stop the virus replicating and therefore stop herpes outbreaks.

Because of these anti-viral properties the two herbs we just talked about work in a similar way to the anti-viral drugs which are prescribed as herpes treatments. But unlike the drugs which lose their effectiveness the herbs will go on working.

Even if these two herbs don’t actually get rid of herpes, you should really consider incorporating at least one of them into daily life as they have the potential to stop outbreaks.

Use the actual herb to get rid of herpes and not some synthesized supplement, the dried version is fine.

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