History of Utilization of Cannabis Plants in the World

History of Utilization of Cannabis Plants in the World

For 12,000 years, cannabis leaves have benefited humanity. Marijuana leaves, spread over 2/3 of the earth’s surface make it one of the easiest plants to grow anywhere. There is no product on this earth, which can not be made by marijuana.

For a long time, sailors used cannabis fiber for their ropes, clothes, screens, and so on.

Marijuana leaves are the plants most used throughout the world, until 1930. What happened in 1930? America, severe economic crisis

Under these conditions, they must return their financial condition. At that time, America developed synthetic fibers.

This synthetic fiber, produced with manufacturing technology that was only owned by America. Unfortunately, the characteristics and quality are similar to fiber from cannabis leaves. While marijuana leaves, there is no need to use complicated technology for their use. In short, American merchandise, the price falls.

America then issued a ban on marijuana plants and was the first country in history to carry out the ban. The ban was related to the issue of race, by throwing the news that marijuana that was smoked would make black slaves violent. This ban is distributed throughout the world.

Soon, the Americans licked themselves when they entered World War 2. The ability of their synthetic fibers to produce could not meet the needs of war. Finally, they returned using cannabis fiber for uniforms, bags, ropes, parachutes, etc.

After World War 2, American black campaigns against marijuana used different methods and methods. They began to spread information that marijuana can make people stupid, make dependence. Through the UN, they spread this propaganda.

This answers the big question mark “Why is a plant that is used all over the world for thousands of years suddenly something bad?” Because of the American act above.

Can marijuana use pursue Millennium Development Goals? Can you reduce poverty? Can. And this has been proven.

In China, it does not approve of marijuana to be smoked but utilizes cannabis leaves for the industry. The clothing industry, cannabis fiber is the best quality clothing fiber so it is used for warfare and parachute

Vehicle industry (Henry Ford who sees oil will eventually develop a vehicle whose body is made of cannabis fiber and can be run with biofuel from marijuana)

The medical industry, it is noted that marijuana leaves are used as part of Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, HIV / AIDS, Asthma, cancer, Dystonia, Epilepsy, Tuberculosis, Tourette Syndrome, Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, and many more diseases that if I call it very confiscating This writing. When America planned to stop medical marijuana, it was strongly protested. if you are going to buy medical marijuana, you can see the information from licensed producers Canada website.

The paper industry, just reminding the United States of America “Declaration of Independence” is written on hemp. A variant of marijuana for the industry. 97% of the books printed between 1900-1937 (when still using marijuana) are still strong up to 300-400 years while paper from wood fiber has averaged only 50 years. To make the same amount of paper, paper from tree fiber will eat more forest land than paper from cannabis fiber.

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