Get Yourself Out Of The Shackles Of Glossophobia!

Get Yourself Out Of The Shackles Of Glossophobia!

Do you want to convey your strategies to your management to win over the competition? If yes, do so at the earliest as conveying through presentations is very effective and people get to understand better. If you are thinking about this for a long time and you are not able to do so because of the fear of public speaking then, worry not as you can get over it with some tips.

Some are blessed with great innovative ideas but when asked to present them to a bigger audience they fail miserably. It is not because they lack knowledge about the topic but because they have a fear of public speaking. Not everyone is comfortable with public speaking. Public speaking can be mastered only with practice. As you start delivering your speeches your performances become better and you will end up being confident.

It can be mastered through practice. Most of the successful public speakers would have faced the same situation in their initial days and they would have overcome it through constant practice. Glossophobia is a technical name given to fear of public speaking. Some fear it more than dying but most corporate jobs calls for some presentations some time or the other. A good public speaker will see an advance in his career and he becomes successful.

This fear will curtail your professional growth as you may not be able to put across your ideas confidently. If you fail at some point then, you will start avoiding public speaking as a means of protecting you from such risks in the future. Psychologically this is termed as anxiety sensitivity and people suffering from this will cut out as shaky speakers.

Some tips to overcome this fear are

Be Well Versed With The Topic

Get as much inputs about the topic and prepare yourself well. If you are comfortable with the topic, you will be confident and you will share your knowledge on the subject confidently.

Know Your Audience Well

Before you speak know the audience well. Some may have a deep insight about the topic and if you again repeat it they will become bored. Experts will become bored easily while novices will be eager to learn. So make a presentation delving into all these.

Never Memorize Your Speech

Please do not memorize your speech and if you forget one word or line the whole thing will get struck and you will experience severe Glossophobia. You can memorize the outline or take the prepared text with you. If you are confident you may not require it but you can always peep into the prepared text.

Prepare Well

Some tend to think that ignoring the upcoming speech will put your anxiety at bay but it is not so. Unless you prepare well you will not be able to deliver well. The audience might come up with questions and be prepared to answer them well. Sometimes you might be caught with an unexpected question but be confident to say that you do not know it thoroughly. It is the way how you present yourself which counts rather than cutting a sorry figure.


Rehearse countless number of times. You may do so in front of your friend or in front of a mirror so that with practice you will be able to deliver a good speech. You can even video record the speech and go through it a number of times so that you will experience confidence.

Try To Avoid Nervousness

If you think that you will become nervous then, surely you will be. Never talk about your nervousness to everyone around. Just say this to your close friend and pretend to be confident and you will become confident. Never complain about anything before a speech and if you want to do so keep it to minimum.

Using Visual Aids

Prepare a power point presentation so that you can make your presentation interesting. Another big advantage of this is that you can divert the attention of audience from you. If you can show with visual aids what you are conveying then, people will understand it better. Be careful to have slides in correct order and it should supplement what you are speaking about. Do not read from the slides as the audience could do so.

Dress Well

If you are confident in your clothes then, it is a confidence boost. Present yourself in formals as an outfit which looks good also makes you feel good. Choose the clothing that you are comfortable in and do not go for shoes that pinch your feet. By wearing something uncomfortable you tend to lose focus on the subject.

Look Out For Familiar Faces

Before you talk look out for your friends or familiar faces and establish eye contact with them. When anxiety creeps in look at them so that you will feel calm.

Speak Slowly

It is an accepted fact that people tend to talk quickly when they are low on confidence. So make a conscious effort to slow down and do not rush through your words.

If these tips are followed you can get over your Glossophobia easily.

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