Case Study: My Experience With Tools

Case Study: My Experience With Tools

Lanyards: Benefits And Uses

Office badges are nowadays mandatory in most of the companies, small or multinational.When the ID card is punched in, the office gates open and allow the employee to enter and no notorious person or person without the ID card will be able to enter the office premise. To offer convenience to the employees, the personnel use lanyards to attach the ID and this helps the employees to easily wear the ID around their neck.Lanyards will be seen in offices and businesses and this is usually a much more convenient way to carry ID than in a pocket or wallet where it can be easily lost or forgotten. Lanyard are more popular as they are convenient and they are a lot available in the market.As these strings are easier to be removed are ideal for holding different things.

Other Uses for LanyardsLet us know some of the important benefits of these lanyards.


The lanyards are attached with small plastic or metal piece with knob to hold things and one can pull the knob to take the thing in and out, and this is convenient.People can face problems in such cases and the people who work on machine prefer breakaway lanyard to hold their identity card. Having a lanyard also allows you to easily wear your ID card whenever you enter the office premises.

Providing Uniformity

In addition to the company ID itself, lanyards offer uniformity in the way all employees wear their ID cards.


The name of the company can also be printed on the lanyards, this ensures that the brand is visible anywhere that employees visit – conferences, client sites or even just the local coffee shop as they get their lunch.Occasions such as Christmas, New Year, or perhaps the commemoration of the number of years service an employee has given the company can all be marked and highlighted on company lanyards.For instance, employees in the finance department may wear green coloured lanyards, the ones in marketing may be wearing blue lanyards, and so forth.

We’ve looked at using lanyards to hold corporate IDs but there are other uses for lanyards, we’ve seen people use them to hold keys, whistles, mobile phones and mp3 players.

It’s not just large corporate that will make use of lanyards, schools, universities and hospitals will often issue staff IDs carried on lanyards.

Buying Good Quality LanyardsTherefore, for those who think lanyards are just for holding the card of an employee in place, just think again.

Multinational companies that hire thousands of employees need ready stock lanyards in bulk. Most of the online portals will charge you on the basis of the quantity of lanyards which you want to purchase and the more you purchase, lesser you will have to pay.

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