Biggest Myths about Couponers and How to Properly Use Offers Like DreamCloud Mattress Coupon Code

Biggest Myths about Couponers and How to Properly Use Offers Like DreamCloud Mattress Coupon Code

With years of experience in couponing, most extreme couponers have different wild ideas about coupons and couponers in general. You might hear some tales and myths, and we are here to debunk every single myth about couponing.

They spend countless hours each week

You might get carried away by the TV shows that you were watching and thought couponing is a full-time job for most people. Think again. Not because couponers are collecting magazine and newspaper clippings, it does not mean that it is all that they are doing the whole day. Most people who collect coupons clips them in a binder or put them inside a box to carry to the store. But coupon experts are advocating for a less time-consuming form of couponing. They are recommending that people should file away Sunday inserts by date and only clip coupons when needed. It also goes for printable coupons. You only print when you need them. For example, you found a website that offers dreamcloud mattress coupon, but at the moment you don’t need to buy a mattress. You don’t need to print the coupon now, just bookmark or save it. You don’t only save time, but you also save ink and paper. Instead of wasting your time clipping coupons that you don’t use, each week, by collecting or printing coupons when you only needed them, you will spend less than an hour per week collecting and organizing.

They are obsessed with saving cents

Most people think that couponers are obsessed with saving pennies, well, they are wrong. Couponers are thrifty, we all know that. That’s the reason why they spend time collecting newspaper and magazine clippings or surfing the internet for offers and discounts. They want to save money. These people are savvy people that know they can save at least 50% off their grocery bill if they use coupons. Why would you spend $1,000 for groceries per month if you save 50-80% just by presenting coupons you get from newspapers, magazine and the Internet, free of charge. It is not an obsession; it is just smart.

They are cheaters who are gaming the system

Because of the reality show, Extreme Couponing, where people pay almost nothing for their groceries amounting from $500 to $1,000, people assume that couponers are scamming grocery stores to save a large amount of money. Honestly, couponers only play by the rules the stores have given. They are very good at finding the best deals possible. For example, some stores allow their customers to use store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons on an item. They save those coupons to be used when the right store sale comes up. You can get groceries for free if you know what coupons to use in certain items and individual sales.

They lived on processed and boxed foods

If you think couponers eat boxed foods or frozen pizza every day, then you are wrong. There are plenty of coupons out there available for meat, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables or organic foods. It does not mean that if you want to save money, you can’t eat healthy foods. You can use coupons to buy essential items like shampoo, toothpaste, tissues, soaps and other toiletries. It will free up some money in your budget to buy the food that you can’t get using coupons or food that are usually not on sale.

They have unnecessary items stored in their basement

Because of the show Extreme Couponing, people looked at couponers as extremists living in a house full of canned goods, mustard bottles, baby wipes, ketchup or tons of tissue that will last up to a thousand years. In reality, although they are well-stocked, a smart couponer will not buy unnecessary items that they don’t need. For example, most retail stores run 12-week cycle sales, from the day of the sale up to the next sale, they have to stock up enough items to get them to the next sale. In case the family has something important looming in the future like having a baby or a potential layoff, they need to buy more. But you have to be smart to know that you should not purchase items that are on sale, but your family can’t use. Especially items with an expiration date. You will be wasting money and coupons.

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A good couponer can save hundreds of dollars in grocery bills every month. All you need to do is to find the right item and the right coupon to match it, and be patient to wait for store sales during the holidays.

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