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Day: September 6, 2018

History of Utilization of Cannabis Plants in the World

History of Utilization of Cannabis Plants in the World

For 12,000 years, cannabis leaves have benefited humanity. Marijuana leaves, spread over 2/3 of the earth’s surface make it one of the easiest plants to grow anywhere. There is no product on this earth, which can not be made by marijuana.

For a long time, sailors used cannabis fiber for their ropes, clothes, screens, and so on.

Marijuana leaves are the plants most used throughout the world, until 1930. What happened in 1930? America, severe economic crisis

Under these conditions, they must return their financial condition. At that time, America developed synthetic fibers.

This synthetic fiber, produced with manufacturing technology that was only owned by America. Unfortunately, the characteristics and quality are similar to fiber from cannabis leaves. While marijuana leaves, there is no need to use complicated technology for their use. In short, American merchandise, the price falls.

America then issued a ban on marijuana plants and was the … Read the rest

How to get rid of herpes with natural herbs

How to get rid of herpes with natural herbs

There are several ways in which you can either get rid of herpes or control herpes outbreaks. As we talked about in the last post on our website the herpes simplex virus is basically the same for both types, so the following method will be helpful regardless of which herpes type you are suffering from.

When it comes to getting rid of herpes or any other condition for that matter a great place to start looking is herbs. And there is a very good reason for that, which I will explain.

You see herbs have been used throughout history as medicine long before drugs were available. It amuses me when I hear people refer to using herbs to get rid of herpes or any other illness as nothing but old wives tales or new age rubbish. If that’s how you see the use of herbs as treatments, well then this … Read the rest